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On this little page you will find hints and links for the POD GOLD release.

Language Packs
Data Patcher
POD Patches
POD Hooks
POD on Linux

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Language Packs

The POD GOLD release is English only.
The following archives can be extracted into the game folder to add a language:

The game language can be changed in the <pod_gold_gog>\UBISOFT\ubi.ini. If you used the old setup_pod.exe on Windows Vista or newer you should have a look at the %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore directory (the Microsoft Windows Application Compatibility shims might/will virtualize the write access because %ProgramFiles%, %ProgramFiles(x86)%, and %windir% are read-only by default).

Alternatively, you can clear/remove the Language entry in the ubi.ini to let POD detect the user language. You can force the language by adding a command line parameter to the PODX3Dfx.exe -l:French (or German/Italian/Spanish, case-sensitive).

Data Patcher

To use the CDPatcher you have to create a %windir%\UbiSoft\ubi.ini
(replace "C:\GOG Games\POD GOLD" with your installation path and don't forget the trailing backslash)

ATI 3D Card=0
S3D Card=0


Directory=C:\GOG Games\POD GOLD\

If the selection doesn't work you have to enable the Windows 95 compatibility mode for the CDPatcher.exe.
The official Cars and Tracks are no longer available on the UbiSoft FTP server, but can be found here:

POD Patches

To install POD Patches you have to create a %windir%\UbiSoft\ubi.ini (see Data Patcher) and extract the into the game folder.
Alternatively, the contents of all patches can be downloaded here:
A fan-made fix for the 3dfx Force Feedback patch is available at

Using other POD executables requires PodHacks because the included Glide wrapper (glide2x.dll) contains hard-coded run-time patches to redirect the CD audio music and to disable the CD-ROM checks. For 3Dfx versions this also means that you have to use an alternate Glide wrapper (rename the <pod_gold_gog>\glide2x.dll to glide2x_gog.dll).

POD Hooks

PodHacks is required to use alternate Glide wrappers (e.g. nGlide or dgVoodoo) and/or other POD executables with this release.

Since the PodHacks.exe uses no C run-time and the PodHacks.dll contains typical API hooking code, it is often classified as a security threat by the heuristics of various anti-virus programs. This is usually a false alarm (false positive). If your firewall and/or proxy automatically block/cancel the download, you can download the (password: PodHacks).

POD on Linux

The Wine AppDB entry is in progress. In the meantime I published some winetricks verbs. Localization and code/bugfix contributions are very welcome.